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with the clintons. we need fresh voices, focused on results. >> including someone open to raising can taxes. cutting taxes. what would ralph want to see? >> all opinions in the arena. let them compete. nothing off the table. i put 18 areas on people's minds that were taken off the table in 2008. and i still have them on the website. these are issues on people's minds. they were taken off the table -- >> you're dead right about that. both parties drop the ball on the big issue. let me ask you about what i hear from business guys on left and the right about why they don't try politics. they said it is not worth the media scrutiny or tearing down -- you experience that for yourself running for president. in the public spotlight. you are doing what you do. i can understand why the hell with it. >> most of them will. michael could buy the white house. it's smaller than his house. >> that's true. they don't have to dial for dollars. they don't to be ad hoc to commercial interest. they run for the conscience. and most of them are pretty narcissistic. and don't care. all you need is a few enlightened ones.
pushing for one of the steepest sales taxes in the bay area. >> please don't tell me they're going to raise it again. >> the tradeoff that supporters say would be worth the sacrifice. >> he says he spotted a burglar in his backyard. >> i wasn't thinking straight. >> how a risky confrontation came to a dramatic end. >> after the break, mourning a classmate killed by a train. the fateful decision that cost a young girl her life. >>> critics call uber the wild west. some cities are looking to crackdown on how many vehicles are providing services through ridesharing apps. seattle is working to cap the number of uber, and lift cars on the road at any given time. amber lee is in san francisco, where one city leader says regulation might be enough to improve public safety here. >> reporter: holding a public hearing here at city hall thursday. he wants to discuss ways to regulate this industry. >> on a cold, wet night like this. people are anxious to get home. a quick tap on an app, such as uber, or lift can get you a ride. >> it tells me that there's an increase, due to prime time, and i
the state who are dodging their tax payments. the agency released its list today of the top 500 sales and tax delinquencies and they owe $515 million. nine of the alleged tax yes are located in the 6 in -6z 6 in 6 bay area counties. toping this list statewide is a sacramento business registered as richard w.p. owing more than $3.8 million. coming in second, is kings dry wall supply. three-day blights incorporated in anaheim rounds out the top three. the bay area companies on this list include universal floor covering and hayward, north bay wellness group in santa rosa. a and a sales and marketing which does business and san jose's celebrity services. we posted the full list of the tax offenders on our website, if you'd like to take a look at it. >> the transportation agency voted unanimously this afternoon to expand a pilot program that limits where oversized vehicles such as mobile homes are allowed to park overnight in the city. the program began last june after complaints from city residents who said the vehicle owners were littering, taking up parking spaces and causin
that is favored by republicans. president obama wants to expand the earned income tax credit for another 13 million americans. that program gives tax breaks to the working poor. the president would pay its $60 billion costs by closing loopholes for wealthier taxpayers, $300 billion for highways bridges and transit. the budget is nearly $4 trillion. that's slightly higher than the current budget. >>> the president is trying to put the middle east peace process back on track this morning, meeting with prime minister benjamin netanyahu monday. they discussed syria, iran and stalled negotiations with the palestinians. pressing netanyahu to meet a compromise. netanyahu says israel is doing its part. >> the best way is to do this is be strong. that's what the people of israel expect of me to stand strong against russia, to stand strong. >>> this morning the fight against cell phone theft is gaining some momentum. new york congressman's bill comes after a similar push in the senate. elaine quijano looks at the controversy that's also getting support from the police commiss
want to take a copy of their most recent tax return. >> if you bring your financial information tax returns so that if you qualify for help from the federal government to pay for your premiums, to pay that monthly bill, they will be able to tell you based on that. >> for those who want to enroll online, the covered california web site is back up and running. it was restored yesterday after a five-day outage. officials say more than a hundred thousand people signed up for insurance in the first two weeks of february for a total of more than 828,000 people. people who aren't enrolled by the march 31st deadline could have to pay a penalty on their 2015 tax returns. >>> there are reports today that federal officials identified a vulnerability in the covered california web site that had not been fixed. an e-mail dated january 10th also said there's no indication consumer information had been compromised and that california was addressing the problem. the e-mail was part of a batch of documents obama taned by the associated press. a california spokesperson denice the system ever had this
. >> reporter: next to the eyebrow hub is the liberty tax service. you would hardly notice it from the road and that's a problem, says owner brett meltser. so he hired this man. meet andy goodwin. he is a professional statue of liberty. rain or shine, andy marches across the parking lot to the corner of cabot and emola. he let's folks know they can get their taxes done right here in the strip mall. but there's a problem. >> the city decided they don't like sinewavers. >> reporter: napa has an ordinance against distracting signs. the city says that includes human signs, too. >> he indicated there is a $500 a day fine if i continue to do that. >> reporter: so brett had an idea. he added this small line to the bottom of the sign protesting the ordinance and said, poof! andy is now a protestor. and brett says protesting is legal. is this protesting or marketing? >> this is protesting. i wanted to market, but basically the city has said i can't do it this way. so it's a protest. >> reporter: statue of liberty andy says folks are supportive. people wave and people honk. andy says he likes being
tax proposals meant to help low and middle-income families. the white house says the president's budget plan reflects his desire to try to reduce income disparity. by law, the president is required to release a budget plan but for the most part congress usually ignores it and comes up with its own budget. >>> 7:17. back here at home, the oakland police department is hiring and the department is hoping to fill its ranks with some home- grown talent. right now, the oakland police department has 616 police officers and the money to hire 91 more. the department says reaching out to local recruits, that has been a challenge. that's why they are targeting people as early as high school. and they are using technology like social media and text messages to reach the candidates. >> we're recruiting a younger generation, we're much more tech savvy than people were in the past. they are making use of social media so we're going to them. >> the starting salary for for an oakland police officer ranges from $69,000 to $98,000 a year. >>> happening now -- the final day of mardi gras celebrati
,000 a month to stay home, money that comes from your tax dollars. >> in this situation where you have somebody forced to leave his office, he's no longer doing the people's business, therefore i think there's an open question as to whether or not they should continue to get paychecks. >> reporter: this professor of george law school says the state must be careful taking away pay too early in the legal process. >> it could also look bad to kick people out before they're convicted. >> reporter: but it's argued there ought to be tougher standards. >> public officials should always be held to a higher standard. they are acting on the public's behalf. >> reporter: there are no specific rules about forfeiting salaries. a senate leader currently darrell steinberg is allowed to use his discretion when determining whether a lawmaker should get paid or not. >> consistently the legislative bodies have not expelled members until they're proven guilty. so until they're expelled they're treated as if they're still on the job to a certain extent. >> reporter: the last time a senator was expelled was 109
nearly $8,000 a month to stay home. money that comes from the tax dollars. >> in this situation where you have somebody who's been forced to leave his office, host no longer doing -- he's no longer doing the people's business. therefore i think there's an open question as to whether or not they continue to get their paychecks. >> reporter: the professor says the state must be careful taking pay away early. >> before they're convicted. >> reporter: but they article there out to be tougher -- ought to be stuffer standards. >> they are octobering on -- acting on the public's behalf. >> reporter: as it stands the senate leader is allowed to use his discretion when determining whether a lawmaker is paid or not. >> consistently, the legislative bodies tend to handle it that they don't actually expel a member until the member has been proven guilty and so until the member is expelled, they're treated as if they're still on the job to a certain extent. >> reporter: the last time a senator was expelled was 109 years ago. it was a system that does not appear likely to change anytime soon. >> and th
voters will also decide on a soda tax on the november ballot. the legislation would levy a 2-cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks sold in the city. the tax measure would require two-thirds voter approval to pass. those "nutrition facts" labels on nearly every food package in grocery stores are getting a new look. this is video of some of the current. often misleading nutritional information on packaging. on the new labels. calories will be in larger, bolder type, and consumers for the first time would know whether foods had added sugars. serving sizes would be more realistic. a serving of ice cream, for example, would double to a full cup, closer to what people actually eat. these new nutrition labels are likely several years away. today will likely be the final day of testimony in the drugged driving trial of kerry kennedy. the ex-wife of gov. andrew cuomo and daughter of the late sen. robert f. kennedy says she accidentally ingested sleeping pill overtook her senses without warning. that led to a wild drive on a new york freeway. a drive she cannot recall. she doesn't remember swervi
the business in our community that help raise tax funds and keeps everything going. >> officers say a majority of alarm calls they get are false alarms. >>> pleasanton police are looking for two men that robbed a liquor store. the suspects demanded the cash, and they ran to a get away vehicle. police released this video of the suspects. the one wearing a gray hoody and the other is in a black hoody holding a silver colored handgun. police also need help looking for an attempted burglary suspect. he attempted to break into a home on friday afternoon. he was caught on home surveillance video. she associated with this gold suv also spotted in the area. if you know him or have any information, please call fremont police. >> starting today you will see more security at the shark tank. there will be more security in place today through the stanley cup playoffs. small purses and bags will be all that's allowed inside. spectators are being asked to arrive earlier than normally they would. >> let the good times roll, they say. mardi gras in full swing. >>> the latest viral video making the rounds. shot
. . >>>. >>> state law make irs are considering a bill that would give tax breaks to anyone who adopts a dog or a cat from a shelter. if it is approved, anyone who adopted from a shelter in the state would receive a $100 tax refund from the state. supporters say the bill would encourage more people to take some of the 800 thousand dogs and cats that end up in shelters each year in california. jeremy brown made it official today, he is running for an unprecedented fourth term as gorn nor. at the alameda county rej stars office because he served his first two terms in the 70s before the state had a term limits law, he was not precluded from running again. brown said his reasons for seeking re-election are simple. there are things he still wants to do and also, he likes the job. >> every morning i get up, and i like to go to work, i like to dig into the budget, dig into the legislation. >> governor brown says if he is reelected, he would not rule out running from some other office. >> autopsy results show after at a toxic mix of hern and drugs, just today. a mix of her win cocaine, and bo so die as peen
the tax revenue, that was not the plan. >> no. we never had those scheduled to be ready by super bowl because of the environmental process of building on a landfill. >> reporter: officials dispute reports that say project led by joe montana will not be ready by the super bowl, the city is trying to get his project of two hotels and a restaurant opened by 2016 for the $3.5 million in tax revenue and to use the fame keep the -- fame to keep the coastativity -- the festivities close. >> if it were open in time for the super bowl the lines would be very long and lot of people excited to get inside. . >> reporter: officials say even though san francisco is the host city other cities will benefit and they expect to finalize the deal within the next two months. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we took a tour of the stadium, looking inside the team's locker room, walking on the field and checking out the coolers for beer there at the stadium. watch our tour on >>> documents providing information about the brutal killing of a 15-year-old san jose boy. he was stabbed to death
is not going to be out mount if they sell all of these gold coins because of taxes. they will get money in taxes. >> there you go. >> all right. thanks, allen. >>> they paid a no for worthless airline tickets -- a thousand dollars of worthless airlines tickets. >>> not out of the draught woods yet, but tonight, see the dramatic difference in the reservoirs in the wake of the recent rain. >> reporter: a gorgeous sunset outside. look at this right there. the sun is finally out after a day of cloud cover. that is the time lapse from berkeley. let's go live outside right now. we have ourselves a gorgeous shot there. rain back in the forecast soon. find out when, coming up. >>> and, heart broken. student athletes crying foul. why a dominant bay area basketball team is eliminated from the playoffs because of a simple mistake off the court. ,, you score little victories every now do it with dinner. land o'lakes sauté express meal starter, with herbs, spices, butter and olive oil. it's one step, no prep, and so good they'll ask for more. land o'lakes sauté express you score little victories e
a trip funded by a private group actually saves tax payers money and gives him more flexibility than official congressional trips. >>> people living in the midwest and northeast say they are getting tired of the extreme winter they've been experiencing. now, a growing number of them are heading to warmer destinations instead. the website says the number of hotel booking the in warm spots made by illinois, new york, massachusetts and washington, d.c. was up 7% last month compared to last year. florida, california, and arizona are their top destinations. >>> 7:17. tori, now to developing news about b.a.r.t. this morning. a problem in the transbay tube. it is disrupting b.a.r.t. service systemwide. tara moriarty is live in oakland. what's going on? >> reporter: well, it seems like the problem might be getting better. we're here at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. the last train that pulled in, it did not wait on the platform. it took off right away. the official word is that bart is on a 20-minute delay this morning. so definitely give yourself some extra time to get whe
million a year in tax money. >> the los angeles airport police chief says their communication system has been fixed after a glitch prevent a faster response to a government last fall. the chief says the system has been tested repeatedly since the shooting and is working properly. when the november shooting started, a screening supervisor picked up an emergency fund but no location was automatically transmitted to a dispatcher. it took 90 seconds before dispatchers knew where to send police. a woman has been placed on probation for trying to sneak through sfo and go to hawaii three times. marilyn hartz and try to get on planes bound for hawaii on february 15th 18th and 20th. the first time she made it through security and onto an airplane but was caught when the actual seek holder arrived. the second time she was caught at the security gate. the final touch was found with a discarded morning pass and was arrested. on thursday, she pleaded no contest to two counts of misdemeanor commercial burglary. hartman tells authority's that she has cancer and she wanted to go somewhere warm. >> 43 ye
to qualify. you can get tax-free money from the equity in your home. you can use the money to pay off your current mortgage if you have one. the remaining money can be used for anything. there's no monthly mortgage payments. and you still own your home! call today to get your free guide and dvd. it explains how a government-insured reverse mortgage works. there's no obligation. one reverse mortgage is a quicken loans company. their licensed experts can answer all your questions. call to find out what a great solution this can be. don't wait, call now! >>> time to check with a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good thursday to you. all of you in the pay area. we have a lot to get to. we start with the severe weather hammering the west coast. particularly to the south of you heavy rains could lead to flash flooding and mudslides. we will have updates throughout the morning for you automatic coming next on "good morning america" in 25 minutes. >> right now, hollywood's biggest stars are not the only one celebrating at the academy award with sense young aspiring f
news reports the city council nan moupsly backed a measure raises taxes from 12% to 14% expected to generate an additional $2.4 million a year. the funds would be used to replace fire stations, rehabilitate parks and build parking garages. >>> 4:38. we, of course have that continuing problem on b.a.r.t. sue will inform you on that in a second. first up, mike with the weather. >>> good morning again. zoomed in on half moon bay where it's improved about a mile and a half to two miles. fog is hanging around half moon bay this morning. be careful there. where we're seeing the thickest fog on live doppler 7 hd this morning. maybe a sporadic sprinkle this morning, a drizzle along the coast, higher elevations mainly cloudy throughout the morning commute. there may be a better chance of light rain really far up across the north bay, up in northern sonoma county and northern napa county. starting off mild, though. low it to mid-50s. 60 as noon. day planner showing the best chance of steady rain in the north. it quickly moves across the rest of our neighborhoods during the evening rush hou
she moved out. . >>> they have released a list of tacks tell lynn -- tax delinquents. the north bay wellness group marketing of fremont, each have 900,000 and total overdue a half billion dollars. there will be changes made to the scholastic test. those who administer the sat, say there will be changes and they are upgrading and the changes will be in effect in 2016. >>> this is a case making  national news a teenager in new jersey is suing her parents for support. she asked for immediate assistance including paying her tuition, her living expenses and her college tuition but a judge yesterday rejected the teenagers' request. >> she is being steered down the wrong area and it is killing us. >> rachel's parents said she voluntarily moved out and into her best friend's home because she didn't want to obey her parents' rules anymore. >>> and around the world, today marks the first day of lent, ash wednesday and it is a season of prayer leading up to easter. many give up something during lent and other activity, and many are holding ash wednesday's services. >>> he hit the jackpot aft
right now. many big u.s. corporations paying very little taxes. that is weighing in on the markets. tesla bay area company record high after word that it will start making more efficient battery. >>> the huge data breach has taken a toll on target. the retailer says customers stayed away because of concerns about the problem. they also warn cost related to the breach could effect the next earnings report. >>> time is 6:56. police in san leandro are warning people about burglars posing as utility workers. the latest hit was on saturday. we talked to a victim who didn't want to be identified. the victims claimed they were from the water company and needed to check their home. while she was distracted by one burglar she says the others went upstairs and stole cash, jewelry and a handgun. the thieves are two men and a woman. the most recent burglary happened saturday on kenyon avenue. >>> this is my favorite story of a day. a man and woman walking their dog in the gold country where they live came across buried treasure. they spotted rusted canisters. barely visible in the dirt. they p
deliberately targeted conservative groups when they asked for tax exempt status. she may ask for a delay. president obama said he does not believe the investigation will show any corruption on the part of the irs. >> >> a day of teaching children the importance of giving back to their community. students at sun valley school spent the day learning about compassion and the power to make a difference. all part of the day of giving. students chose to be a part of several different activities, including preparing hot meals for homeless families, creating super hero cakes for kids in the hospital and raising money through a bake sale. >> it was a couple of people in the beginning. now, we have 20 people. when you help people, it makes you feel better. >> she said it perfectly. the idea for a day of giving came from the school's go inspire go community heros club. more than 100 people took part in the day's event. >> >> someone won the $60 million powerball drawing. lottery spokesman said the ticket was sold in sacramento. the store is in line for its own reward of $300 thousand bonus for sell
regulating the growth and sale of taxed pot. >>> this morning, academy award winners are basking in glory. our reporter, katie marzullo, was on the red carpet and joins us from outside the theater in los angeles. quite a night? >> you will make me blush, but let me show you the morning after: this is the breakdown, not so glamorous but last night was dazzling. beautiful fashion. heartfelt speeches. ellen got tons of halfs. it was really fun. and dallas buyers club and 12 years a slave were the big winners. >> dallas buyers club jared leto took home the first for best supporting actor. >> this is for the 36 million people who have lost the battle to aids. >> best supporting actress went to 12 years a slave lupita nyong'o. >> it has been the joy of my life. >> "frozen" won best animation. >> and there was a concert with the four best original song nominations. ♪ let it go >> ellen returns and hand out pizza to the crowd. >> the competition for best actress was tough this year. >> the oscar goes to...cate blanchett. >> best actor went to matthew mcconaughey. >> whatever we look up to, what
raise tax funds and keeps everything going. >> reporter: the department says an overwhelming majority of alarm calls are false alarms, wasting valuable police time. >> that's what i'm trying to do. >> reporter: councilman whose running for major puyor pulled this ad urging voters to attend tuesday's counsel meeting where they will debate a referendum allocating much of the money to police. >> more police on patrol, technology, equipment, whatever the police chief would deem is necessary to fight crime in san jose. >> i just need one cop to respond. >> reporter: a sentiment being shared but may not be realistic under the current policy. police have not arrested a suspect in this case. looks like the folks working over time are supposed to close at 6:00. on that proposal, the mayor said in the past that that would be at the cost of cutting hours for libraries and community centers. we're live in south san jose. >> thanks, damion. >>> police are hoping someone reck hognizes this man. investigators say he tried to break into a home and a car friday afternoon. police are looking for the sm
to put a measure on the june ballot that would boost sales tax. if approved, the sales tax would go up by .5% to 9.5%. the measure is expected to bring in an additional $10 million a year to help clear the backlog of projects put on hold during the recession. it includes hiring more police, street repairs and upgrades to fire stations and libraries. city officials say 65% of people in hayward support the increase. >>> 7:42. the golden state warriors may now be shooting for alternative sites for a new basketball arena in san francisco. publicly, the warriors say they are moving ahead with their plans to build a new waterfront april rena south of the bay bridge. however, today's chronicle reports a team is quietly checking out other locations in the city including the main parking lot right across from at&t park. the original proposal calls for building an 18,000-seat arena between piers 30 and 32. opponents say a basketball arena there would ruin the view of the bay. >>> 7:42. a woman in her 80s tied up in her own tome. the recent string of robberies that has an east bay neighborhood on
plan will cut taxes for 13 1/2 million working americans while expanding the child and dependent care tax credit to help families afford child care. the president's blueprint also proposes cuts to army and national guard personnel. political analysts believe the president's budget is unlikely to get far in congress. >>> a utility worker is recovering this morning after being trapped for four hours in a 14-foot deep trench. three workers were replacing a sewer line in portland, oregon, when a utility trench there collapsed. two workers managed to escape, but the third became buried. they uncovered the trapped man's fay, allowing him to breathe. a team of fire and rescue personnel worked to get him out. finally they moved a hoist into place and were able to lift him to safety. he has serious, but nonlife-threatening injuries. >>> a night to remember for the nba's biggest star, miami's lebron james still wearing that protective mask far broken nose was red hot monday night as the heat took on charlotte's bobcats. james hit shot after shot after shot, finishing with a career high of 61 po
,000 of lost revenue to the hotel. and that itself results in almost $2,000 in local and state sales tax revenues lost. >> estimates are it's not thousands but untold millions at stake if the bill becomes law and triggers corporate and tourist flight especially lgbt. >> this is a proposal that will send tourists away and their dollars. >> reporter: that's why companies like apple and american airlines are urging a veto like john mccain and mitt romney and even state republican senators including steve pierce who supported and voted for the bill and have now changed their minds. >> we made a mistake and now we've got to fix it. >> overnight, governor brewer tweeted, i assure you as always, i'll do the right thing for the state of arizona. if governor brewer does veto the bill, conservative talkers like rush limbaugh say they know who is to blame. >> you're being bullied by the homosexual lobby in arizona and elsewhere. >> many of those in this church agree. >> where does it stop? >> reporter: now it's up to the governor. now, the governor has been careful to not tip her hand. but one of h
sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. some supervisors want to add a tax on sugary drinks which would help fund nutrition and physical education programs in our schools. >>> new this morning, a hot sauce factory can keep operating in irwindale in southern california at least for two more months. neighbors have been complaining about the spicy smells from the sriracha plant. the city council decided last night to give the factory until april to get a new filtration system working. the air quality management district expects new test results next month. >>> a $25,000 reward is out for whoever is trying to kill san francisco dogs with poisoned meatballs. the suspect scattered nearly 3 dozen suspicious meatballs in twin peaks last weekend. yelp's ceo is funding most of the reward money. in a statement, he said, my dog darwin is a big part of my life. i can't imagine losing him to this kind of thoughtless cruelty and i hope no one else does either. >>> new this morning, a man who pleaded guilty in the bryan stow beating in los angeles will remain in custody on unrelated
box. >> if you're itemizing the taxes and all of that, as well. >> how about this one, called mint, the oldest member of the group but helps you track your money. >> mint is great for this all-inclusive spending. it tracks your spending, tracks your budget, allows you to take goals. set a goal for college. you can see your investment accounts. all your assets, all of your liabilities. it shows you what you've been spending in certain categories. and then when it comes tax time, which we're coming up on, you can search by expenses, which is really great because then, again, you don't -- and this actually also works with shoe box. if you were taking those photos with shoe box, pull that information into mint. >> i love that. and this next one is going to help you with taxes. turbo taxes, a lot of people have software but now the app, as well. and this allows you to file straight from your phone? >> exactly, right from your phone. and one of the great things about this is you can use this product called snap text. so you, again, snap a picture of your w-2, just hold it straight in fro
requirements to qualify. you can get tax-free money from the equity in your home. you can use the money to pay off your current mortgage if you have one. the remaining money can be used for anything. there's no monthly mortgage payments. and you still own your home! call today to get your free guide and dvd. it explains how a government-insured reverse mortgage works. there's no obligation. one reverse mortgage is a quicken loans company. their licensed experts can answer all your questions. call to find out what a great solution this can be. don't wait, call now! ♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. save 25% when you buy two scotts fertilizers -- one to use now and one for later. >>> welcome back. sue hall in the traffic center. a live look at 880. taillights headed in the southbound direction through heyward. b.a.r.t. station closure. due to a police investigation. lots of folks getting on the road. drive tims between fremont and the bay bridge toll plaza, about 35 minutes. and we'll, of course, be following this for you all morning on abc 7 news. kristen? >>> thank you, sue. >>> united
it easier for studios to qualify for tax breaks starting this spring to encourage the next afternoon tar. sky fall, inception, batman. and it all began with that film ceo adrian wootton says it helps that much of the creative talent is crammed within the radius of a few blocks. >> people actually like being here because they can walk out of place where they're having coffee and a sandwich and they can walks over to their post production ifl and walk around the corner and see how the sound mixing is going 200 yards away. >> recognizing that home grown talent is maybe why "gravity" grabbed britain's version of the osca oscar. >> and it goes to "gravity." >> reporter: special effects have come a long way since dangling a space ship on a string. now it's a snap to be thrust into space but the special effects in granty are a game charger. >>> in scenes where they appear to be flying, the cameras are flying to them. in others, only their faces are real. alphonil folfonso coron had to with the goods. >> 1.8 million little lights constantly changing to create maufl reflecting the sun, the earth,
monitor them more closely. it saves a lot of jobs and jobs pripet taxes and then it creates spending in the economy. a again, it would be different. >> let's talk about tesla and their shares and doubling. they have an impressive nils about a factory that they want to open. >> they are molding more down a string, they want to have a manufacturer of items to their car. some analysts do not like this. they want to make this more main stream by 2017. they expect me in you to be able to afford their car. what is interesting is that will cost a lot of money to build it. most analysts are stating that if they have a more tightly over their competition that this is a great thing. they stated that the growth of is a business--one analyst murrell lynch stated that that will sell cars at a loss to keep them at bay. >> retailers are not doing so well. >> the one thing that got me about the retail numbers that we saw was from best to buy and sears. recently, it was a j.c. penney's. some of their stocks are going up because the cut costs. there is a disconnect between stocks and the business. bes
, definitely. >> you're right. >> there is no sales tax in this city of portland, except on hotels and car rentals? >> portland, oregon. >> i agree with her. >> i didn't know that. >> yes, it is. this bear shown as a full screen broke into a elementary school south of which portland? >> maine. >> you're the smartest. that's because fred is not here. fred is zoned out. >> wait, wait, i vote that one is oregon. >> and you're wrong. >> again! >> all right. well, anyway, kids, the new season of "portlandia" kicks off tonight". >> thank you, guys. >>> the amazing results of today's "ambush makeover." >> and how three real women are going to get to look in the mirror and say i love myself. >> what does that mean, real women? >> you know, real. not fake. not mannequins. >> right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever, you kept the midnight watch. infants' tylenol® reduces fever and pain while being gentle on the tummy. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. infants' tylenol®. after their new artisan grilled chicken ciabatta sandwich goes down, productivity goe
terrific -- our legendary local analyst at wnbc always tells me, al, you have the celebrity tax. >> you do. >> people -- even though you're not a celebrity, they do know you. >> they absolutely do. >> you'd better overtip. >> err on the side -- >> err on the side of caution. >> our control room is obviously bored with this and said move on. >> they said are you going to give me a tip if. >> i've got a tip for you, stop talking to me. >> you've got a check of the weather, roker. >> let's show you what we've got going on. and for saturday, it's going to be frigid in the plains. that storm system making its way east. we've got snow through the pacific northwest. sunny and cold along the eastern seaboard. then sunday, we've got a mess coming. a risk of strong storms, icy conditions, snowy as you get into the midwest, and that continues to push into the east on into monday. that's what's going on around the >>> good morning, 9:32 the time right now. rain continues to fall but it is very spotty right now. you can see we're still finding showers off of the coast and lightning from time to time. k
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